We install the only leak-free, insulated roofing system that will pay for itself and last a lifetime.


Commercial foam & coatings have been the best solution for long term roofing & insulation for over 40 years. Our commercial contractors have been tested and certified direct by the product manufacturer and are considered "master applicators".

Every roof is different, so our spray foam applicators are not only technicians, but have years of experience, artistic talent and the ability to make the proper foam roof installation based on manufacturer specifications.

Benefits of spray foam for commercial applications:

  • Typically, no tear-off of existing roof, so environmentally friendly to our landfills.
  • 100% seamless insulation blanket covers the entire roof area. All penetrations are sprayed in seamless and solid. Spray foam can be sprayed thicker in areas requiring slope to drain. Spray foam is "self flashing" so it is applied directly to the prepared surface.
  • UV coatings to protect foam are water-based with no off gassing or emissions to the environment.
  • Perfect application if you are considering installing PV solar (2019 30% federal tax rebate still available) as the racking system for solar is sprayed in seamless, or can be installed on top of the roof using a ballast system.
  • 10,15 & 20 year warranties available through our manufacturers like BASF Corporation and General Coatings Corporation. Few foam roofing contractors offer¬† these types of extended warranties.
  • By properly maintaining the foam roof system, a foam roof will last indefinitely. Certainly as long as the building. You can also check the some sample In Bay Area spray foam roof
  • Warranties are transferable and extendable when you work with a manufacturer qualified contractor.

Spray Foam Roofing

By working directly with the product manufacturers, our commercial contractors can offer the very best warranties, unlike small family owned spray foam roofing contractors. Our contractors have installed thousands of commercial foam roofing systems nationwide and offer full 10, 15 and 20 year warranties.

For more information on Bay Area spray foam Roof manufacturers, you can visit General Coatings or BASF websites.

Our goal at Foam Roof Solutions is to pair you with the right contractor for your project and offer choices that come directly from the manufacture rather than the consumer wade through the online choices that may or may not be a good fit.

If you would like to schedule an estimate with one of our commercial foam roof contractors please call our offices at (800) 878-1480 or email us at